Big Data Engineer

Working at CBC:

At the CBC, we all have a story to tell. What’s yours?

If you share our passion for Canadian storytelling and you wish to help us engage with individuals and communities across our various digital platforms, this is where you’ll want to be! 

Every day, you will have an opportunity to shape the way in which Canadians see themselves reflected in our digital services. Your work will have a direct impact on how millions of Canadians from various communities connect with our products, with one another, and with the diverse voices that make our country so unique. 

You will have the opportunity to play a part in enlightening and entertaining Canadians through our innovative work in building the mediums that deliver our content. We are an innovative hub, where the talented professionals we work with are respected and valued for their contributions. Our product teams are vibrant and our work culture strives to achieve the highest standards of diversity and inclusion. We believe that hiring people with different career paths and backgrounds is fundamental in our shared success and in building healthy and highly performant teams. When you join our mission, you are not only shaping the vision of the CBC, but the future of our country. 

Why is this role important?

To help maintain our existing data lake and further scale our Business Intelligence practice, we are seeking a Big Data Engineer to join our team. You will take the lead in all the data engineering of the BI team, which includes managing the existing Azure Databricks environment and creating new ETL pipelines.

We are open to qualified candidates within Canada, but the CBC’s BI team is based in Toronto, with much of the big data engineering team in Montreal.     

The Business Intelligence team is connected to every facet of the organization as a strategic partner, data solutions provider, and catalyst supporting the CBC’s product, content, and operational decision-making with data. 

Cross-functional and collaborative by nature, we work to ensure that objectives, strategies, and tactics across all departments in the organization are aligned and delivering value to Canadians. As a result, we work closely with various front and backend product teams; Content Units including News and Local Services; Customer Success; Marketing and Media Solutions; as well as our BI counterparts at Radio-Canada.

As our Big Data Engineer, you will be part of a major shift towards data-driven decision-making at an organization that’s eager to use data to drive the growth of audience-facing products such as Digital Publishing (CBC NewsCBC Sports, etc.), CBC Gem (Live and On-Demand Video) and CBC Listen (Digital Audio) as well as the crucial work of our business-facing teams. 

Our data engineering stack consists of a data lake in the Azure cloud (namely Azure Databricks and Delta Lake) as well as Airflow with a smaller footprint in the Google Cloud Platform. Our primary languages are SQL and Python. 

Here’s why we should work together:

Our digital teams’ values - collaboration, learning, and continuous improvement - embody who we are as a people-focused, digital-forward employer. We follow lean startup principles and use an Agile approach. Our dedicated people managers work closely with every individual to ensure we are leveraging their strengths, championing their ideas and supporting their pursuit of new skills and their desired career progression.

Here at CBC Digital Strategy & Products, we want you to be happy and feel good at work. It is essential that work be a safe space where our employees are able to share their authentic selves with one another and to push each other to challenge conventions. 

Perks you can look forward to:

  • Hybrid work environment with flexible work schedules, allowing you to prioritize yourself, your family and your work (Note: we are fully remote until masks are no longer required to be worn indoors);
  • Enrollment in a generous defined benefits pension plan; 
  • Competitive total rewards package; 
  • 20% of time for innovation, learning and development; wherever your interests lie
  • Opportunities to work with cutting edge technology; 
  • Opportunities for continued learning and professional development; 
  • Opportunities to become a member of our Employee Resource Groups; 
  • Pair programming and mentorship opportunities, where you can learn from the best in the industry and help coach new talent; 
  • A creative and dynamic work environment, where your ideas and contributions can be heard, valued and respected; 
  • A supportive management team committed to upholding the highest standards of diversity and inclusivity;
  • An environment which favours experimentation and an iterative approach in order to achieve the highest form of technical innovation. 

How you will make an impact:

  • Work with one of the largest datasets in Canada. You will have the opportunity to be part of the CBC’s digital footprint is one of the largest in Canada, third only to Facebook and YouTube.
  • Assist in building a sustainable big-data platform. You will implement the architecture, new tools, processes, and models. You will direct quality control operations for incoming and outgoing data and propose test strategies to develop optimum solutions.
  • Maintain data integrity. You will plan and execute the extraction, standardization, and transformation of our reliable data sources.
  • Be the expert. You will provide practical and technical advice and support to the business intelligence team. You will assist in setting up a data governance plan in compliance with our privacy policy. You will manage risks and resolve issues or escalate them to a higher level, as necessary.
  • Act as the primary liaison between the Montreal and Toronto teams, working closely with BI Analysts and communicating findings to product managers and web developers. You will synthesize and explain technological innovations to non-experts to make them understandable and accessible across the Corporation.

What you could bring to our team: 

  • The expertise. You have a data engineering certification in at least one cloud environment, preferably Azure. You have some familiarity with PySpark and have built at least one end-to-end data engineering solution such as an ETL pipeline.
  • The technical skills. You have deep hands-on experience with:
  • The Azure and Google cloud environments, especially Azure Databricks, BigQuery, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure DevOps
  • Big data / distributed computing platforms and practices, specifically Spark
  • Workflow automation & management tools, especially Apache Airflow 
  • Creating clean code in SQL and Python
  • Very large datasets (millions or billions of rows) 
  • Creating data pipelines using APIs as well as flat files 
  • Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data
  • Batch-processed data as well as streaming data
  • The drive. You thrive in an autonomous and ambiguous environment that rejects “business as usual.” You enjoy working with people and sharing your knowledge with them in a collaborative way. You are constantly curious and continuously learning.  
  • The communication skills. You are skilled at presenting ideas to non-technical stakeholders. You know how to listen and empathize with others. You have excellent verbal and written skills in English and a willingness to join the BI team in learning/advancing communication skills in French to further facilitate collaboration.
  • The bonus skills. You may have experience with data architecture, building robust and clean data models, and working with Continuous Integration / Development pipelines (CI/CD). Additional data engineering certification in all three major cloud platforms and knowledge of Scala are also beneficial.
  • The education. We are less interested in formal degrees, but you may be a good fit if you have a certification in big data engineering in the Azure and Google stacks. You might also have an academic background in Computer Science, but we value know-how over theory.

Qualified candidates may be subject to a practical assessment of the above requirements.

To Apply:

At the CBC, we recognize that not everyone takes the same path when it comes to building their skills. We value diversity of thought and of experience, and we are excited to hear from you! Hands-on experience, intelligence, innovation, a passion for learning, and a team-focused approach can combine to form the best set of qualifications. If you feel you meet most of the qualifications and you are excited by the possibility of adding to the rich culture of the CBC, take a chance and express your interest by applying now!

If you’re interested in reading more about the various backgrounds of the talented people that make up our teams, our exciting new projects, and what we’re currently working on, check out our Digital Labs blog on Medium! 

CBC/Radio-Canada is committed to being a leader in reflecting our country’s diversity. That’s because we can only create and tell the stories that connect Canadians, by having a workforce that mirrors the ever-changing makeup of our country. That’s why we, as an employer, value equal opportunity and nurture an inclusive workplace where our individual differences are not only recognized and valued, but also extend to and pervade all the services we provide as Canada’s public broadcaster. For more information, visit the Diversity and Inclusion section of our website. If you have accommodation needs at this stage of the recruitment process, please inform us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to

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Wherever in the wording of the job description either gender is used, it shall be understood to include all genders.

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