ALUULA Composites
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About ALUULA Composites

ALUULA Composites Inc. (, TSXV: AUUA) is premium fabric brand headquartered on Canada's rugged west coast. Embracing the challenges of nature's elements, ALUULA's technology is not just about pushing boundaries but also preserving the very environments we explore. Through close collaboration with leading brands and factories, ALUULA brings forth a new era of products, from bags to sails, that offer unparalleled performance, construction quality, and sustainability. With a proven track record in performance windsports, ALUULA now extends its dominance into adjacent verticals, enabling people to soar higher, further, and faster with minimal environmental impact.

With strong year over year growth and ambitious plans, ALUULA is building its team to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us. If you are driven to succeed, feel a need to be challenged and want to be a part of a burgeoning brand, please introduce yourself and let’s see how you might be a part of our exciting future.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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