Retreat Guru

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Over 20 years ago 2 brothers discovered meditation and soon after brought their meditation practice and technology careers together. Having experienced the profundity and simplicity of doing retreats, they decided to focus on helping retreat centers thrive. What started off as a web development company for Tibetan Lamas has blossomed into a global software and consumer marketplace called Retreat Guru. If you have an inquiring mind, love a good laugh and are eager to make yourself and the world a better place, Retreat Guru might be the place for you. Working with us is an enticing blend of teamwork, personal development and technology.

Retreat Guru is based in the mountain town of Nelson, BC, Canada and our team works all over North America. Flexible working hours, encouraged retreats and options to work remote or from home are all a part of our culture. In Nelson, we work out of a unique co-working space with daily mindfulness, yoga sessions, regular sharing circles and lunch & learns.