The Fitting Room

Toronto, ON

The Fitting Room marketplace is looking to create a paradigm shift in apparel commerce by powering on-demand, custom-fit garment production at scale. Using computer vision, machine learning and 3D visualization, we replicate the real life bespoke clothing shopping experience, virtually. Vendors are able to upload their designs to our marketplace. With their mobile device customers are able to create a 3D avatar of themselves, and then pick out and customize outfits. In the backend, our algorithm changes the proportions of the garment to fit the customer’s body shape, while taking into account the designer’s intended look and fit of the garment. The customer is then able to virtually try on the garment to see the photorealistic drape of the final product. Only upon purchase is the final production pattern of the garment sent to the manufacturer, who then makes it and ships it back to the customer in about two weeks.