Customer Success Manager

Calgary, AB

What we are looking for

As the Customer Success Manager, you will be responsible for improving our customer satisfaction, and increasing utilization across our growing client base. This will be done through direct interaction with individual clients and through our market communication and support programs.



Work with the Business Development Team and the Sales and Marketing Manager to strengthen the Business Development plan. Responsible for providing the best experience for existing and future users of the platform. This provides a structured approach to fulfilling our strategic goals in the area of customer success. Execute the plan in conjunction with the rest of the Alethea team.

The following activities will be part of (but not limited to) the job: 

  • Maintain excellent relations with our current and future client base. 
  • Provide technical support to existing users, whether in-person or virtually. 
  • Assist in scheduling and performing user interviews, surveys, and meetings for the purposes of data collection and marketing. 
  • Identify interesting / valuable conferences and lead the charge in Alethea's attendance. 
  • Create and maintain support processes.
  • Onboard new clients and maintain their accounts in Hubspot and the user database. 
  • Engage with clients to present the product and to raise interest for our offering.
  • Determine the "best product fit" for existing and new clients; upsell where possible
  • Assist in creating winning proposals for misc. clients. 
  • Work with our CRM system to track clients through their sales life cycle.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings.
  • Work with the product development team to provide input for product improvements
  • Translate the business development plan into actions and measurable outcomes as it relates to usage and satisfaction

Success Factors

Although we see the success of the company as a joint responsibility, the following metrics have been defined to measure the success of the Customer Success Manager: 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase in usage and revenue
  • Quality of pipeline (# of clients identified, engaged, deals closed etc)
  • Contributions to company development (engagement on social, participation in conversations surrounding growth, strategy, and improvement).
  • Contributions to culture and company happiness (attendance at social events, overall attitude and eagerness to succeed. 

Qualifications/Expertise Required 

We are more interested in personality and behavioral skills than in degrees, diplomas etc. For this role we are looking for a recent graduate. Experience in client facing roles is essential. We are looking for a person who is likable, who easily connects with people, and who has excellent communication skills (verbal and in writing). Work experience in the medical space (e.g. in a medical clinic) is appreciated. At Alethea we strive for diversity in our team.

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