Data Scientist

Toronto, ON

Job Title - Data Scientist

Location : Canada / Hybrid

Vertical : Engineering

Sub Vertical :  Data

Specialization : Data Science - Natural Language Processing


About : is a cloud based platform on which we have developed algorithms using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning and other big data technologies to extract intelligence from more than 100 million technology documents from 90 countries. Apart from this we have developed a technical corpus, containing more than 3 billion words, learned from 100 GB of processed data and developed on a machine learning model.

Our vision is to enable IP and R&D departments globally to accelerate innovation using our NLP technologies.


Skills required:

●    You should possess good programming and scripting skills using Python.

●    Strong Basics in Machine learning algorithms.

●    Hands-on experience in using NLP techniques in the data analysis process.

●    Knowledge of topic modelling, clustering, NLP embeddings, Keyword extractions.

●    Worked on deep learning - Sequence models, GRU, RNN, LSTM. Prefer to have knowledge of advanced NLP models like Bert, GPT.

●    Document Classification, Topic Modeling: Strong understanding of text pre-processing and normalization techniques such as: Tokenization, POS tagging and parsing and how they work at a low level.

●    Exposure to PyTorch and/or TensorFlow Deep learning tools and exporting models for inference.

●    Good to have knowledge of model deployment on aws/gcp/server.

●    Good to have knowledge of software development frameworks - Flask.

●    Knowledge of Open Source LLMs: Understanding of open source large language models such as LLaMA 2, Mistral, Flacon, etc.

●    Fine-tuning Expertise: Ability to fine-tune open source LLMs and embedding models for specific applications.


Preferred Qualifications

v BE/B.Tech - Any Discipline.

v Technical understanding of the invention disclosure, and identification of search focus.

v Problem solving skills in constructing and conducting patent searches using search strings.

v Skills to analyze results and completing search report in timely manner.

v Excellent written and oral communication (in English) skills

v Excellent comprehension and presentation skills


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