Director, Quantum Processors

Coquitlam, BC

The Director, Quantum Processors will oversee the design and development of Photonic’s industry-pioneering quantum processors in silicon. This role will manage a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary team of scientists and quantum engineers responsible for quantum metrics, sequencing, networking, error correction & fault tolerance, compilation, and algorithms. You will work closely with the technical leadership team on quantum information system design, quantum fault-tolerance strategies, and quantum resource optimization techniques. You are a leader in the movement towards fault-tolerant quantum computing and quantum resource optimization, bringing expertise in universal logical gate set strategies, resource state and memory management, and error correction codes and decoders. The Director, Quantum Processors will guide teams in making schedules that are both ambitious and achievable, understanding the balance between delivering regular product releases and the perfection of design. 

Please include a cover letter with your resume (in one file) describing how you would be a great fit at Photonic and what attributes you could bring to our growing team.


  • Lead the quantum processor teams, providing both technical and people leadership, promoting a high-performance, results-driven environment with a strict adherence to project management requirements
  • Provide technical leadership in quantum information, including fault-tolerance, quantum error correction and decoding, and mathematical physics, specifically in the following areas:
  • Noise model details, such as noise bias, loss, and leakage
  • Practical quantum error-correcting codes/decoders and fault-tolerance schemes and their implementation
  • Distributed logical quantum computing, compilation, and networking
  • Resource state distillation and management
  • Full stack quantum co-design trade-offs and opportunities
  • Fault tolerance failure modes, characterization, and mitigation
  • Attract, develop, and retain top talent for the Quantum Processors team, while motivating team members to continually improve performance
  • Work with the Chief Quantum Officer, lawyers, technical staff, and scientists to drive the R&D aspects of Photonic’s Intellectual Property (IP) strategy, including support for patentable inventions 
  • Ensure that the quantum processors team provides technical assistance to other departments
  • Manage teams and projects through the product development process from concept to transfer 
  • Support technical evaluation of design requirements /constraints and guide teams in developing concepts, evaluating risks, and making effective and timely design decisions 
  • Manage resource allocation effectively across multiple projects 
  • Source required parts, equipment, and work with relevant vendors 
  • Work on issues of integration with other sub-systems
  • Ensure the cross-compatibility between parts and processes throughout the design process 


  • Advanced degree (MSc or PhD) in physics or mathematics, or a related field with a focus on quantum error correction and fault tolerance
  • A strong background in quantum information theory and quantum mechanics or mathematical physics, with an interest in theoretical or experimental quantum error correction, fault-tolerance, quantum resource estimation and optimization, noise models, distributed quantum networking, compilation, and algorithm design
  • Experience modelling the above with parameters of real physical systems
  • Experience with gate model and/or measurement-based fault-tolerance architectures and strategies
  • Experience with quantum architecture best practices
  • Strong technical knowledge and vision, with a demonstrated history of leading engineering & science teams in the development of cutting-edge technology, bringing these products to market on time and within budget
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in progressive research and product development leadership roles within global companies that develop, manufacture, and sell complex technology solutions
  • Experience in setting and scaling the research and development function, with the proven ability to attract, inspire, motivate, and retain top tier diverse talent.
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to new situations in rapidly changing R&D environment
  • Outstanding teamwork skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills


  • Get in on the ground floor with a quantum startup company set to revolutionize computing
  • Work closely with some of the brightest innovators in quantum technologies
  • Enjoy a fast-paced and fun environment where you can take risks while tackling cutting-edge challenges every day
  • Inclusive and open company culture
  • Competitive salary, benefits (including life insurance, extended health, dental, long term disability, and a flexible spending account), and potential upside

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