Quantum Networking Engineer

Remote Coquitlam, BC

Quantum Networking Engineer at Photonic is responsible for designing, implementing, and testing silicon-based quantum networks. You will work on the team developing networking architectures including multi-node quantum networks, entanglement distribution and memory management, quantum repeater architectures, and portable quantum memories, together allowing ultra-secure communication channels and global distributed quantum processing. You are in a deeply creative role focused upon quantum communications and distributed quantum processing with years of hands-on quantum technology expertise. You interact closely with our silicon quantum processor teams. Together, you will develop, model, prototype, and implement key solutions for our high-performance networked quantum technologies.

Please include a cover letter with your resume (in one file) describing how you would be a great fit at Photonic and what attributes you could bring to our growing team.


  • Design, create, and test technical components to deliver high-performance quantum networks, including integrating silicon devices with optical networks
  • Be an active part of the networking team, responsible for innovations in areas like QKD, secure multiparty computing, remote and secure quantum computing, and satellite-based global quantum networks
  • Collaborate with the Photonic team to tailor quantum networking implementations to real-world silicon devices
  • Write patents and peer-reviewed articles reporting advances where applicable
  • Translate fundamental physics into engineering specifications
  • Design and execute experiments to make efficient progress toward quantum network improvements


  • Masters or PhD in Electrical engineering, Physics, Applied Physics, or related field.
  • 1-2 years of experience in the field of quantum engineering
  • Experimental quantum technology expertise in quantum communications, quantum repeaters, spin qubits, photon-spin interfaces, and/or quantum control and measurement
  • Proficiency in working with Python or other modern programming languages
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to new situations in rapidly changing research environment
  • Demonstrated ability to creatively solve engineering problems
  • Outstanding teamwork skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills


  • Get involved with a quantum startup company set to redefine computing
  • Work closely with some of the brightest innovators in quantum technologies
  • Enjoy a fast-paced and fun environment where you can try new things while solving innovative challenges every day
  • Inclusive company culture
  • Competitive salary, benefits (including life insurance, extended health, dental, long term disability, and a flexible spending account), and potential upside

The description above is what we think an ideal candidate would look like for this role. At Photonic, we understand that everyone has a different work and life journey. If you feel your experience is close to what we've described, but you might not meet all the requirements, please still apply! We are also committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences, knowing that these very differences inspire innovation and build better teams. If there are any accommodations our team can make throughout our hiring process, please let us know.

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