Release manage

Oakville, ON

Plan the release of project deliverables and release life cycle.

Communicate the project-related tasks such as plans, timelines, requirements, etc. between different teams.

Coordinate the release schedule and resources required depending upon the third-party applications, defect backlogs, planned releases, and infrastructure updates. 

Identify the risks that can delay the release and manage them, such that the scope scheduled, and quality of the release is not affected.

Track the progress and find issues, if any. Always work to improve the process of release.

Make sure that the release is planned, according to the requirements and budget.

Schedule the release readiness reviews before deployment and milestone reviews after each release.

Create plans for the implementation and deployment as per the release schedule.

Plan and give weekly updates on the release activities

Make sure the allocation of Release Engineers to every release.

Communicate with release managers from different IT departments.

Lead the Go-Live activities to deploy the software successfully.

Team up with relevant development teams responsible for building the automation tools used to develop and deploy the software.

Schedule the CAB meetings to discuss the release schedules with the team and find roadblocks, if any.

Maintain documentation related to procedures on build and release, various notifications lists, and dependencies.

Make improvements in the methodologies used for configuration management and development of software that helps to find ways to use in configuration management.

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