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Sales & Business Development, Americas

Ottawa, ON +1

🌟 Who We're Looking For

We're seeking a strategic and driven Sales & Business Development professional to lead CorePlan’s expansion into the North American market. Our goal is to establish CorePlan as a trusted brand for mining companies in this region.

We believe in developing a comprehensive sales strategy that engages and educates the mining industry on our cutting-edge digital operations platform. We get excited by a blend of strategic planning and tactical execution that is well researched, opinionated, and actionable. Your work will support the entire sales funnel, from awareness to consideration and purchase.

We’re looking for someone who takes a holistic and customer-focused approach to business development. The ideal candidate majors in pipeline generation and closing deals, but minors in customer experience. They believe that sales is not limited to sending emails.

🛠 Responsibilities

  • Drive the sales strategy for CorePlan in North America, with an initial focus on Mid-market and Enterprise accounts. Note: sales is not limited to cold calls
  • Own sourced pipeline and conversion metrics for all deals generated by any source.
  • Strategically lead a defined set of accounts through the sales process to a successful close.
  • Be a trusted advisor with a deep understanding of customers' unique challenges & goals, articulating our compelling value proposition.
  • Represent CorePlan at industry events and conferences.
  • Collaborate with teammates across product marketing, growth, channel partnerships, and leadership to create customer-centric sales strategies
  • Ensure a high quality bar for all sales activities conducted by CorePlan

💎 Our Culture

TL&DR - CorePlan is not a good fit for everyone, and that’s OK. This is a bit about the culture of CorePlan. Our best crew members aren’t just interested in working at a job; we need people who are excited about building a great company.

Besides nailing down the specifics of your job, here's what makes our team rock:

  • First Principles Thinking -- We believe in breaking down and understanding problems into their most basic parts. When we eat elephants, we do it one bite at a time.
  • Infectious Passion -- We highly value team members who love the career path they've chosen and strive for mastery. We embrace the joy in the journey of learning, the excitement of overcoming challenges, and the fulfillment of growth. If you love what you do and are driven to constantly improve, you'll thrive here.
  • Create, launch, and evolve -- Creation is the spark of learning. Launch it internally, engage with customers, gather feedback, and evolve. We focus on inputs - what we can control - which ultimately drives outcomes.
  • LFG -- We set high goals and ruthlessly prioritize to hit them. We push ourselves to act from first principles, speak up as we care about each other as humans and embrace feedback to win as a team.
  • Yes -- We’re firm believers that we "can do" until someone shows us the "can't." You know, it's funny how often the really gnarly problems get busted by folks who had no clue they were supposed to be unsolvable.

🙌 Qualifications and Fit

  • A strategic and driven business development manager.
  • A thinker who understands how to use sales strategies to engage and attract customers.
  • A self-starter who thrives in separating signal from the noise for their customers.
  • Have experience in developing comprehensive sales strategies and owning the full sales cycle.
  • Have 4+ years experience in selling complex software deals to mid-market and/or enterprise customers.

🚀 Why Join CorePlan?

CorePlan is not just another mining software company. We are a trailblazing tech startup that's shaking up the mining industry with our cutting edge digital operations platform.

We've replaced outdated paper and spreadsheet systems with a seamless, collaborative solution that's already winning over customers in Australia and around the world. Our HQ is Based in Perth, we're on a mission to modernize the mining industry, and we're gaining momentum.

We’re a high-performing team looking for passionate, execution-focused, self-starters to help us build the next generation of software for mining.

If you're ready to make your mark in a tech-forward company, apply today and become a part of the CorePlan Crew!

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