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The opportunity

Reporting to the Engineering Manager we are looking for Software Developers with an R&D background interested in building data products and data solutions. As our new Software Developer (Data), you will have the chance to apply your technical acumen to advancing technology in the commercial real estate space. You will be part of a collaborative cross-functional group, solving complex data problems around resolution, linkage, and classification. 

New York Salary range: $140,000-$180,000

What’s in it for you

Impact and exposure. Data is the future and our present. You will gain exposure to big data, functional programming, machine learning, and data science helping to advance engineering efforts targeted at problems not yet solved in the industry. This is a newly acquired, innovative and responsive product team undergoing an exciting transformation and alignment with Altus. This is a chance to join an engineering team as they ramp up their work, reach and impact; and a chance to grow with them, working across teams on exciting new solutions, and accessing an incredible amount of global industry data.

Career Development. You want to be part of a global company that is forward-thinking and setting the standards in Real Estate technology. Your career opportunities will increase as we continue to scale as a company and as a team, including the chance to grow your skills, and your exposure on this team or on another product team.

As our new Software Developer, Data you will focus on:

  • Building. You will contribute to the development of our knowledge graph. You will write high-quality code, participate actively in code reviews, and consistently help to ship software. 

  • The data pipeline. You will contribute to the integration of new data, the improvement of existing data, and the integration of machine learning and data science efforts. You will also be involved in the maintenance, optimization, and operation of the data pipeline.

  • Collaboration. You will work closely with the R&D team to design, build and improve our complex data layer. You will play a critical role on the team and at Altus to meet the current and anticipated needs of our clients.

Our new Software Developer, Data has:

  • The experience. You have 3+ years in software development, building products. Ideally, you have exposure to data software and solutions. You have strong Computer Science fundamentals and an interest in diving into complex problems. You have experience and are fluent in at least one programming language (Java, Javascript, Python, Scala). Ideally, you are familiar with Apache Spark or another distributed data processing framework. You continuously seek opportunities to expand your technical skills and knowledge, with an ability to quickly learn new tools.

  • The relationship building expertise. You have an appreciation for cross-team collaboration, particularly with our data scientists and API engineers. You can rapidly change priorities under tight deadlines. You have flexible communication and documentation skills. You can translate technical data and development concepts for a nontechnical audience. 

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