Software Engineer (Full Stack; React Native mandatory)


About Us

What we do: 

Dieta uses AI to personalize digestive healthcare for the 11% of the global population that suffers from digestive disorders. 

Why we do it: 

Several members of our small-but-super-mighty team suffer from IBS. Our product is deeply personal to us. (And no, you do not have to have IBS to join us, but we WILL inundate you with IBS talk!) 

We are disrupting a $136B industry by making managing IBS easier for ALL stakeholders (from patients, to clinicians, to employers, to insurers). There is no “us-against-them” in our solution - literally everyone is a winner when we get involved! 

How we do it: 

We provide a platform that supports individuals suffering from IBS with managing their symptoms by providing (1) 1-on-1 coaching, (2) guided connection to specialists (from dieticians to gastroenterologists!), and (3) personalized recommendations based on an individual’s own raw data**

**Our AI mobile application captures high-resolution data on an individual’s diet, bowel movements, medications, and other factors, and generates precise treatment recommendations, along with datasets that are unique to the individual and can be reviewed by their clinicians at any point.

Why you’d want to join us: 

We’re legit…so says science 

  • We’re the first company to build proprietary stool 💩 image recognition technology that makes the measurement of digestive outcomes (poop) objective instead of subjective. We are working on scaling, optimizing and improving. 

We’re doing well…and want to do even better, with you by our side! 

  • We’ve recently signed our first 3 institutional customers and are looking for a couple of wonderful new colleagues to join our team.
  • We have raised a successful round, will soon be gearing up for another, and are backed by Techstars, UnitedHealthcare (the world’s largest healthcare payer), and Cedars-Sinai (the top medical center for gastroenterology)

We value your input! 

  • You will have the opportunity to give input and you will be involved in a lot of different aspects of the business, beyond your direct “job”. This is not code for “you’ll be asked to do everything and anything”, it’s simply an acknowledgement that our small size allows for lots of engagement, should you desire it. 

We offer competitive compensation and flexibility! 

  • We work asynchronously and are fully remote (although we meet in person once a quarter to brainstorm and engage together!). Our team is located all over North America
  • We offer benefits and equity.

About the Role

As one of the first engineers on our team, you’ll be extremely involved in all of Dieta’s exciting new projects. You will be collaborating with stakeholders across engineering, operations, product and data science to design, develop, test, and deliver solutions for our B2B and B2C customers. 

The purpose of this role is to build technology and features that will continue increasing the value that our solution delivers to GI patients, healthcare providers, and our enterprise customers. 

A passion for using modern technology to improve healthcare is a must for this role.

About You

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated track record of writing enterprise-grade code using React/Node/AWS
  • Deep understanding of how to build scalable and maintainable systems using a serverless architecture
  • Comfortable debugging frontend and backend performance issues
  • Basic knowledge of software architecture for cloud-based applications
  • Empathizes with users; is comfortable working with UI/UX designers to understand user needs and ensure they are met
  • Strong ownership mentality; deploys high level of project management skills to ensure on-time delivery
  • Works well with other engineers as well as business and product stakeholders
  • Has a basic understanding of data science & machine learning and is able to work with data scientists to implement the output of complex models

Technology Stack

3+ years of experience using the following technologies is required:

  • React Native (non expo) → please do not apply if you do not have experience with React Native. This is HUGE for us. 
  • React (17+, Gatsby)
  • Node.js (API design and development)
  • AWS (including Lambda and other serverless tools)
  • Databases/Datastores (PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Aurora, S3)
  • Version control proficiency (preferably Github)

Preferred Skills

  • Experience working with image data / image recognition technologies
  • Experience working in healthcare; basic knowledge of cloud security best practices (including HIPAA compliance for technical any physical safeguards)
  • Knowledge of automated deployment
  • Experience working with authentication technologies (e.g. Auth0, AWS Cognito)
  • Design skills in Figma or equivalent tool
  • Python for data analysis / ML

About the Process

  1. Introductory Phone Call. 
  2. Meet the Product Manager and CEO.
  3. Technical Assessment. 
  4. Meet our Technical Leads. 
  5. Meet an investor. 
  6. Receive Offer. 

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